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Drink Driving Solicitors

If you have been charged with Driving with Excess Alcohol or other related offences such as Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle or Failing to Provide a Specimen for Analysis you would really benefit from our professional legal advice.

Alcohol related driving offences can be very complex and confusing. A conviction for an alcohol related driving offence will have a very serious impact on your life not only the criminal conviction itself but a substantial period of disqualification from driving could have devastating implications such as loss of your job, your home and damage to your future life prospects, not to mention the problem with obtaining motor insurance at reasonable cost for many years to come.

We have assisted many of our clients with advice and representation in respect of all alcohol related driving offences. We have achieved great results for our clients with honest and thorough advice and representation. We have successfully had proceedings discontinued entirely and we have consistently assisted our clients in achieving the best possible outcome in their particular circumstances.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality professional advice entirely personal to you. Please contact us on 01491 572138 if you require legal advice on any alcohol related driving offence

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