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Dangerous Driving

We can advise you in respect of all types of driving offences including:

  • Dangerous Driving
  • Careless Driving
  • Causing Death by Dangerous Driving
  • Causing Death by careless Driving
  • Driving Whilst Disqualified

Driving offences can be very complex involving difficult legal issues. We can provide you with detailed and thorough legal advice to assist you to understand the details of the offence, the evidence and all the issues and options for you to consider.

A conviction for dangerous driving or another driving offence can have serious implications on your life including potential prison sentences and substantial periods of disqualification which could result in you losing your job and drastically damaging your future.

We have assisted many clients who have come to us at the very outset before any charges have been brought. We have represented clients during interviews and successfully persuaded the Police not to pursue any charges. It will assist you greatly if you contact us for advise as soon as possible.

If you have been contacted by the Police investigating an incident or you have been arrested and/or charged in respect of any driving offence and you require legal advice please contact us on 01491 572138.

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